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Daraja Accounts

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Daraja Current A/C
This account is suitable for both individuals and Companies/Businesses
Eligibility to access loans
Access to cheque book facilities
Zero ledger fees
Access to affordable banking services by MSMEs, SMEs & Corporates

Daraja Chama A/C
This is a savings account for registered and non-registered groups who want to save with an ultimate goal e.g. to buy an asset, start a business, access credit facility etc..
Zero operating balance
Zero ledger fees
Low-interest rates on loans
Access to cheque book facility

Certificate of registration from the department of social services (certified)
Group constitution (certified by department of social services)
Minutes from the group specifying the account signatories and operating mandates
Original and copy of National IDs for the authorized account signatories

Daraja Junior Savings A/C
A savings account designed for children below the age of 18 years for the safe keeping of money with a view of paying school fees, an investment for the child etc.
Copy of Birth Certificate of the child, or notification of birth (for children below 6 months)
Parents/guardian National ID (original and a copy)

Low minimum operating balance
Competitive interest
3 free bankers cheque per year to pay school fees
3 free withdrawals in a year

Daraja Contractual Savings A/C
This is a savings account that seeks to encourage a savings culture.
Low minimum operating balance
Zero ledger fees
Competitive interest rates
Limited withdrawals

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